Amazon is increasingly search engine and Google knows it

Eric Schmidt, president of Alphabet Inc., said a couple of years ago in Berlin: “Many people think that our main competition is Bing or Yahoo !. But really, our biggest competitor is Amazon.”

This rivalry is not new, where already in 2011, the prestigious Forrester Research reported that 33% of online shoppers started the research for an online purchase on Amazon, versus 13% in a search engine like Google. This Google knows and for that reason the statements of Eric Schmidt on the matter. These two companies want to be the destination of Internet shopping par excellence and do not stop working on it.

Those of Mountain View have worked for a long time in Google Shopping, formerly called Google Product Search and was born as Froogle. This service used to be free, but now users must pay to get out on the results. When this happened, Amazon obviously came out of the listings. Amazon, meanwhile, remains very aggressive in its value proposition and opening more and more operations outside the United States.

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